Blair Township Clerk

Township Clerk Overview


Township Clerk
Lynette Wolfgang
(231) 276-9263 ext 100
Township Deputy Clerk
Jennifer Rinehart
(231) 276-9263 ext 106

Clerk's Duties Include but Aren't Limited to:

Board Member

The Clerk is elected every four years at the time of the Presidential Election and serves as a voting member of the Township Board which includes but it not limited to the following responsibilities:

  • Adopting Township policies
  • Adopting Township ordinances
  • Approving the budget
  • Serving on assigned committees

Election Administration

The Clerk Administers all elections in Blair Township. The Clerk plans, organizes, and oversees election activities including but not limited to:

  • Processing of absentee ballots
  • Preparing voting devices, ballot cans, etc.
  • Supplying precincts with necessary supplies for election day
  • Proofing ballots
  • Training Election Inspectors
  • Issuing, validating, and certifying petitions for local candidates and issues
  • Relocation of precinct boundaries 

Voter Registration

The Clerk maintains the voter registration files, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Registering new voters
  • Making address/name changes to current voters
  • Canceling voters when they move or become deceased
  • Issuing voter ID cards to all voters
  • Maintaining Voter Master Cards with signatures of all registered voters
  • Updating voter history for all voters after each election 

Records Management

The Clerk is the offical custodian of Township records, books and documents such as oaths, bonds, ordinances, and resolutions. The Clerk is also responsible for the producing and keeping of minutes for the Township Board of Trustees meetings.


The Clerk's Office maintains records in accordance with the State of Michigan Record Retention Schedule. The Clerk's Office also publishes and posts legal notices.


Financial Records

Under State Statute the Clerk is responsible for keeping a record of the expenditures made for the Township. The Clerks office processes accounts payable, payroll, and general ledger.



Office Hours: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday - Friday

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                                                                                           Deputy Clerk Job Description


v  Daily Maintenance of the Qualified Voter File – Recording of voters moving in or out of the jurisdiction

v  Registering Voters

v  Assists with planning and administering Federal, State, County, Township, and special elections

v  Coordinates precinct locations for election workers

v  Preparation of test deck for testing of voting equipment

v  Issues and Processes AV applications and ballots

v  Maintains state accreditation for conducting elections via training and E-Learning Center

v  Preparation of DS200, ExpressVote and e-poll books for elections

v  Tracks election costs for reimbursement

v  Serves as resource person in providing guidance and information to voters and temporary staff during Election Day  

v  Tracks election law changes

v  Sorts and distributes mail to all departments

v  Processes  Payroll including payroll liabilities (federal and state taxes, child support, union dues and MERS pension) for approximately 30 employees on a bi-weekly basis

v  Insures the safe keeping of all records including minutes, ordinances, contracts, resolutions,  payroll, cemetery and election records

v  Disposal of records according to the State of Michigan Records Retention Schedule

v  Monthly reconciliation of Visa, Staples and Shell credit cards

v  Acts as receptionist directing residents to correct department via phone or in person

v  Sale of cemetery lots , recording sale of lots and burials in software program as well as hardcopy, answering cemetery questions from public and funeral homes

v  Communicating with Sexton on burials and cemetery issues

v  Processes New Hire Reporting, I-9 ,W-4 forms and employee handbook for all new employees (including board members, election workers and paid on call employees)

v  Administers oath of office to officials and board members

v  Attends monthly Clerks meetings

v  Attends monthly Board of Trustees meetings as Acting Recording Secretary

v  Journal entries

v  Posting and Publishing of Special Meetings, Public Hearings, etc.

v  Preparation of quarterly #1028 Wage and Detail Report and 941’s

v  Preparation of W-2’s

v  Creation/Safekeeping of resolutions/ordinances

v  Balancing with the Treasurer

v  Preparation of documents for budget meetings (Board meeting schedule, paid holidays, schedule of fees, employee wages, insurance costs, current Revenues & Expenditures)

v  Training of election workers

v  Maintenance of the Clerk/Election/Cemetery page on the Township website

v  Ordering office supplies for all departments

v  Human Resources/Employee enrollment/changes in benefits programs and direct deposit

v  Recording of Equipment and Capital Outlay Inventory

v  Filing Worker’s Compensation Claims with Insurance Company

v  Accounts Payable