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Land Division Ordinance- Adopted 01/09/2018 - Effective 02/16/2018

Land Division

All land divisions are governed by the Michigan Land Division Act, Act 288 of 1967, and the Township's Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. 

The following forms you may need if improving or creating a new private drive or road.

Please read before you proceed.

Blair Township recommends that PRIOR to applying to any Grand Traverse County offices for approval, and PRIOR to hiring a surveyor to survey a proposed land division, that you contact the Township Zoning Administrator 231-276-9263 ext 105 or to review the proposed land division(s) or property transfer(s).

At this review  the number of land divisions that are available to a parcel will be determined and a preliminary review of the proposed land division(s) will be made to determine if the proposal could meet the Township Zoning and Land Division Ordinance requirements.

Zoning Administrator  
(231) 276-9263 Extension 113