Blair Township History

It was in April 1867 when a new township was born.  How the township came to be.

A Bit of History by Grand Traverse Area Genealogical  Society, 1987 -Narrative

Revealing Chum's Corners Came To Be -  Story by Traverse City Record Eagle

Blackwood or Grawn, Town Virtually Abandoned - Story by Traverse City   Record Eagle

A Backward Look at Grawn - Story by Traverse City Record Eagle

Atlas of Blair Township 1881

Old Blair Hall - Photographs

Other Historical Photographs of Town and General Area - Photographs

Blair Township, located in the center and "heart" of Grand Traverse County, offers the serenity and beauty that have made northern Michigan a popular place to live, work, and visit. Situated in the northwest quadrant of the lower peninsula, this Township has the signature physical features found in northern Michigan: scenic meandering rivers, attractive inland lakes, gentle rolling hills, abundant mature forests, rural agricultural activities, and plentiful vibrant wetlands. Blair is in close proximity to Lake Michigan, a variety of charming tourist towns, and Traverse City, the area's largest urban center.